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Type 1.5/Legacy
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FormatDeck NameCreatorDateColorsHitsComments
Type 1.5/LegacyStaxxxJesse1/16/2014117262
Casual PlayDoran (Duel Commander)Jesse4/7/20131955913
StandardModular SwarmJesse4/25/201026784
Type 1.5/LegacyStaxx 1.2Jesse12/17/2009420110
Classic/VintageStaxx 1.2Jesse12/16/200963453
StandardAjani's Army 1.1 (2nd Place)Jesse8/16/200931354
StandardPop A GenJesse8/14/200959873
StandardAjani's ArmyJesse8/5/2009377915
StandardAjani & Elspeth's ArmyJesse7/31/2009324918
Casual Play_Reanimator_Jesse7/21/2009378914
Type 1.5/LegacyStaxx 1.1Jesse1/30/2009344020
Type 1.5/LegacyStaxxJesse1/2/2009349911
Type 1.5/LegacyMozzarella Stax (23rd place)Jesse5/27/2008498813
Type 1.5/LegacyBlue Uba StaxJesse2/14/2008598417
Type 1.5/LegacyAngel StaxJesse1/22/200885419
Type 1.5/Legacy9 Land StompyJesse12/27/2007369716
Type 1.5/LegacyScepter Chant Ver. 1Jesse12/1/2007453726
Classic/VintageKobolds StromJesse12/3/200663068

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