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FormatDeck NameCreatorDateColorsHitsComments
StandardTezzeret GiftsBraydon Hawkins8/19/2013141150
Casual PlayMM CUBE (NON-SINGLETON)Braydon Hawkins6/17/201395132
Casual PlayCoiling Damnation (G/U elves)Braydon Hawkins6/21/2012129890
Casual PlayChangelings - These blocks used to be legal OMGBraydon Hawkins6/20/2012100693
Casual PlayBoros RememberanceBraydon Hawkins4/26/2012117872
Casual PlayVelis Vel Distorted -- revisedBraydon Hawkins4/23/201235823
Casual PlayVelis Vel DistortedBraydon Hawkins4/18/201230870
Casual PlayWrath of GondBraydon Hawkins3/4/201296816
Casual PlayModernized Urborg elvesBraydon Hawkins2/11/201230270
Casual PlayDEVOUR! GrrBraydon Hawkins1/8/2012156403
Casual PlayAuras V3Braydon Hawkins12/29/2011144244
Casual PlayRevised Auras (60 cards)Braydon Hawkins12/20/2011128693
Casual PlayDon't Look In The MyrBraydon Hawkins12/18/2011110824
Casual PlayFuel the Thrinax !Braydon Hawkins12/17/2011114101
Casual PlayAurasBraydon Hawkins8/28/201033635
Casual PlayMore ElvesBraydon Hawkins8/27/201031955
Casual PlayEnergy from the deadbraydon hawkins11/8/200939080
Casual PlayElf armybraydon hawkins10/19/200928294
Ravnica BlockShielded GuildmagesBraydon Hawkins8/25/200730184

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