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Sandstone Deadfall 1 $0.25
Steamclaw 1 $0.25
Sungrass Egg 1 $0.50
Odyssey Theme Deck: One-Two Punch 1 $7.99
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Below is a list of the Top 30 Decks that have generated the most hits in our Deck section. Click on the deck to view the deck and all the comments.

No.Deck NameFormatFromDateColorsHits
1Zombies VengeanceStandardAgonia6/5/201233112
2Wee Mimic BudgetCasual PlayLead6/6/201227703
3Knights and Angels w/ SideboardStandardSpartanzealot99/10/201026684
4Vampire bloodbathCasual PlayAbYsSaL6/7/201226029
5PDDW - pauper Dominus Deck WinsCasual Playimissmtg6/12/201225738
6Legacy AlurenType 1.5/LegacyWmagzoo78/22/200625399
7Experiment One AggroStandardroastintoast3/18/201322463
9Old School FaeriesCasual Playzap5/7/201320294
10Doran (Duel Commander)Casual PlayJesse4/7/201319559
11I'll be Back PauperCasual PlayLiquid4/19/201319182
12Greaves ControlType 1.5/LegacyAgonia6/10/201219060
13Pauper HDW (Hybrid Deck Wins)Classic/Vintageimissmtg6/11/201219052
14Kobolds StormType 1.5/LegacyAgonia1/17/201218921
15Barren GloryType 1.5/Legacydude1/21/201218633
16Lattice Station 2.0Standarddude1/8/201218631
17This Is U/G MadnessClassic/Vintageraiyin7/11/201218610
18Glimpse the WindsType 1.5/Legacydude1/7/201218507
19Its getting stuffy in hereCasual Playjeremy hollywood7/15/201318390
20Explosive death!Type 1.5/LegacyNeoflash5/12/200718017
21U Direct Damage (Revised)--(Still needs comments!)StandardBlake Bird1/11/201217469
22IncubatorCasual Playdude1/11/201217056
23Mill for the Win V6StandardAgonia4/12/201316927
24Dimir ControlStandardLiquid3/30/201316889
25UW Counter-top thopterType 1.5/Legacydude1/7/201216844
26Eldrazi ObliteratiCasual PlayAbYsSaL6/14/201216511
27Modern: Neverending TormentClassic/Vintagemizzium1/1/201216348
28Modern BantStandarddude1/20/201216157
29Snapcaster VengeanceStandardTheCount1/21/201216013
30DEVOUR! GrrCasual PlayBraydon Hawkins1/8/201215640 is searching for writers to contribute articles to our Articles section. Articles submissions we are interested in are:

Magic set reviews
Tournament reports
Pro-Tour and Qualifier reports
Magic Scene
Your own weekly or daily column

Interested parties please contact MTGCity at e-mail address. There is no pay for contributions.

If you always wanted to have a voice on the internet this is your chance.
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