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Oath of Druids [Testing/Drainless!] - Classic/Vintage Format

  'Oath of Druids [Testing/Drainless!]' by Moogle submitted on 3/3/2011 xxx250.40.252
Main DeckSideboard
Mana Sources
1 Black Lotus
3 Mox [Emerald, Sapphire, Jet]
1 Sol Ring
4 Forbidden Orchard
1 Marsh Flats
3 Misty Rainforest
2 Polluted Delta
4 Tropical Island
3 Underground Sea
I'm still figuring out the right combination
Tinkerbot: Blightsteel Colossus
Hasty: Hellkite Overlord
Other guy: Emrakul, the Aeons Torn OR Progenitus

4 Oath of Druids
Broken stuff/Restricted stuff:
Ancestral Recall
Demonic Tutor
Mystical Tutor
Vampiric Tutor
Merchant Scroll
Time Walk
4 Force of Will
3 Spell Pierce
3 Thoughtseize
3 Duress
2 Repeal
4 Preordain
Other helpful stuff:
2 Dragon Breath
1 Gaea's Blessing
Weird, but I've been looking at 3 Relic of Progenitus , 4 Nature's Claim , and a Path to Exile to get rid of Marit Lage. Maybe even some basics against rogue decks that are playing Blood Moon effects.
I've been playing Vintage for about 2 months now and I love everything about the format. Currently, I've been tinkering [no pun intended] with this awesome list for a tournament in Green Bay for a Mox Emerald coming really, really soon.
Tell me what you think!
Sideboard is up in the air, however, I've thought of the options in the SB list.
See all decks by: Moogle (Wisconsin, USA)
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3/3/2011 9:24:56 PM
wow, fail. path to exile should be an extra repeal.
3/3/2011 11:41:45 PM
i have not done much with this format but i do know that plat angel is essential to the oath decks. it works very well as the second oath target, alongside darksteel colossus.
3/3/2011 11:54:14 PM
you mean tinker? haha. that is strange though, i don't see it being played too heavily anymore. i'll try and see if i can get my hands on one!
Crimson Ninja
3/4/2011 12:03:01 AM
disagree. plat angel and dsc are not importaint in ana oath deck. what made oath so powerfull back in the day was the ability to pitch in and go get hastey creatures or creatures that 100% impacted the board the turn they come in. akraom razia spirit of night and day ect. they woudl side baord into the hard to deal with targets or tinekr package against some of the combo and less controll heavy decks. currently bsc or dsc are bad targets as they are esaly sworded and pathed. the leviathen with shourd is by fare the best tinker target.
3/4/2011 12:15:22 AM
i love inky...but not a lot of decks play swords nowadays.
what i am 100% expecting:
gush storm
other drain decks (kiln fiend, oath, any deck running time vault)

workshop runs no spot removal, and jacerator/gush doesn't either. keeper and drain decks have a high probability of running doom blade but that doesn't do anything. drain pyroblast and red blast do nothing in paint.
dark depths might be played. they play spot stuff like doom blade. the only problem is edict.
no swords anywhere. fish would play it but i'm not exactly sure where that would be.
3/4/2011 10:03:41 AM
well i would be leaning on useing progenitus i like the pro everything also you has a very fast manna base which also helps i have ever only played against one oath deck it wasnt fun let me know which way you went it looks like alot of fun
3/4/2011 10:07:38 AM
my biggest problem is the hasty vs crazy creatures.
emrakul and progen don't have haste like akroma or spirit of the night but with dragon's breath they can get haste. i'm not sure which direction to take.
also, it's hard to play against workshop. nature's claim is awesome there but if they get first turn chalice and sphere then it's super hard to beat. my absolute least favorite matchup...
handless fighter
3/4/2011 5:14:59 PM
i don`t usually play vintage, but i realize about some things:
-you don't run enough artifacts to suport tinker
-impulse better than preordain, in this deck
-lim-dul`s could be a great tutor
-imperial seal?? grim tutor??
-dragon breath is a waste of space

and about the creatures choice... its preferences. for tinker i would run, emrakul. if you want fast, i would run 2 hellkite or 1 magister sphinx + 1 progenitus. if you want control, 1 tidespout tyrant and 1 iona.
personally i would run 1 emrakuk with a higer amount of artifacts, and 2 hellkite. and in the side 1 iona, 1 progenitus and 1 blazing archon at least.
3/4/2011 8:22:00 PM
-not really. just sac a mox. it's not like i'm going to be tutoring for it or anything
-not really. impulse is great but preordain is really, really, really good.
-nah, don't like it
-no?? no?? i've got my 25 proxies set, don't need to tack on another 200 bucks.
-no, it makes my emmy or blightsteel gain haste.

i agree with archon [all ready have one, aha]...but you lost me at magister sphinx.
Crimson Ninja
3/4/2011 9:06:44 PM
making things gain haste is a waste. its much better for them to simply have haste allready (or in most cases truely hard to deal with like inky progent emurkle ect) agree on the tutor. tinker doesnt need a whole lot of targets. when i played oath in vintage i fairly often blow sol ring or mox whatever. its all about turn 1 nearly impossable to deal with fatty stick. preordain is restricted for a reason. its way better then impulse (mostly due to the erate the changes teh way impule works)

just because swords isnt being ran doesnt mean it wont.
its still one of the best everpritned removals.
Crimson Ninja
3/4/2011 9:07:41 PM
there is an intresting oath deck that was wrote about a while back on starcity games that features sun titan. might be worth while to google and try to go find the list.
3/4/2011 9:08:12 PM
double post, but whatever;
i've decided to discard tinker and a tinker target in favor of
1 emmy
1/2 [depending] hellkites
1 blazing archon
or i could do 3 oath dudes and add an extra basic land.
i would've played tinker but i'm on somewhat of a tight budget [i say somewhat because i've used my proxies for 90% of the manabase + power cards + forces, i don't have time to buy online sadly and my card shop sells cards for about twice the price you would get online] so i would rather not buy a tinker and a bot of some sort. i'll try to find my archon; if i don't, i'll play a 2nd hellkite.
3/4/2011 9:10:47 PM
ohai, crimson; didn't see you there.
yeah, i cut the dragon's breath. when was preordain restricted?

yes, it does. it means that the top decks in the format [which i will see] won't be playing it. end of. \:

oh! i ran into that today! yeah, i liked it but i'll stick with my list because i don't have sun titan and i can't use proxies on time vault.
handless fighter
3/4/2011 10:58:16 PM
finally you realized that dragon breath is a waste...
blazing archon is a sb card...
you dont need more lands, cut any dual for some basic. add lotus petal or another mox instead for a turn 1 oath...
emmy should be played just if you run tinker, if not run 2 hellkites and 1 iona...

have you ever played vintage?
3/4/2011 11:28:12 PM
yeah, i was running it because i had few hasty creatures. now i run 2 creatures, 2 of which are hasty.
ok, i'll put it into the sideboard then.
done! i'll see if i can get a lotus petal, but i won't be using any moxen because proxy limit.
why should emmy be played if i'm playing tinker? that doesn't make an ounce of sense.

yes, i have played vintage. can you stop insulting me every second you get please? i'm just going to start ignoring you.
3/5/2011 10:59:04 AM
by the way, trying out a different build and i might post it too.
4 chalice of the void
3 relic of prog
2 echoing truth
hurkyll's recal
4 nature's claim
handless fighter
3/5/2011 11:24:16 AM
have i insulted you??
our advices are improving your deck so much. its curious that i told you to take out dragon breath and you didnt trust me until crimson told you the same.

i will post an unpowered oath one day
3/5/2011 12:24:20 PM
yes, you have.

please do, i'd love to see it.
3/5/2011 12:33:10 PM
why would he include emrakul, "only if he is running tinker...?" emrakul may be colorless but it is not an artifact. and your main concern in vintage is to have a good game against combo.
3/5/2011 12:43:27 PM
well, right now it's combo and workshop. workshop is hard to beat if they get a chalice and sphere or thorn.
or a golem. golem is tough.
3/6/2011 10:48:04 AM
i apologize that was directed towards handless fighter. and mud is difficult if you keep a hand without a force or are on the play with a turn 1 oath. so just win die rolls and your good.
handless fighter
3/6/2011 11:47:15 AM
that's true temptation, i thought that it was an artifact. i stopped playing and when i came back i didnt read ok this card.
3/6/2011 2:35:04 PM
no prob.
i try to keep hands with oath and a force so i can counter their sphere or whatever they have while playing a turn 2 oath [on the play], preferably with an orchard. post sb i have claim so it's not as much of a problem, just need to counter their locks, kill everything else and get oath asap.
Crimson Ninja
3/8/2011 12:05:44 PM
rag the dubble post all you want but we have limited space to post in and i rather prafer to give a good explanation of the way in wich i am thinking on a given topic. makes for a better conversation im sure you can agree.

3/8/2011 12:10:59 PM
notice how i said that i just noticed you. we posted at the same so i thought i was double posting, no you :p
4/13/2011 9:34:56 AM
i wonder why's merchant scroll here. what are it's targets?
mystical tutor has any reason? why not enlightened tutor.

i'm also trying to build a budget vintage oath something, so i'll be glad to hear some tipes and tricks fot an oath deck.

my creature base consists of emmy, iona and blightsteel. tried lightning shoes in here, but at was really waste of space.

i always thought that an oath should be something like ubgw deck, with:
g = oath, blessing, crop rot.
u = counters, draw
b = tutors, discard
w = tutor, balance
4/14/2011 5:43:17 PM
i actually took it out. this is not the final version.
usually it's used to tutor for hurkyl's recall and ancestral recall.
mystical tutor tutors for pretty much anything so...

budget oath? that's really hard, seeing as it's going to be at least 2-3 colors, if not 4.
i tried enlightened tutor and hated it, i'd pass on that.

skip iona and play dragon's breath if you're going to play emmy and oneshot. dragon breath oath is huge right now for a reason, it's pretty sexy

haha, budget and 4 color? not gonna happen.
g = oath, blessing, crop rotation if you really need it, but i never found it useful
u = your main color
b = your second main color for tutors and discard.
if you're going to go use b, you don't need w.
Why Not Find Out More
6/7/2012 11:12:44 PM
hey, awesome embodiment !
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