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Shards of Alara Block
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Listed below are all the decks for Casual Play format. If you don't see one you like or think your deck should be on this list than use the Add Deck button to submit your own deck.

Casual Play

Deck NameFromDateColorsHits
Bitter Worlds (0)zap10/25/201732
5C Swans Assault (41)ROJ9086/1/20154832
10th Tooth & Nail (0)ROJ9085/31/20153404
Goodnight pump infect (1)Richard Goodnight9/7/201410135
Werewolves (5)AbYsSaL10/22/20136013
Pwn Pauper Infect (0)AbYsSaL10/15/201310113
BUG Rogues (0)zap10/2/201310754
Blistering Goblins (2)Kyle9/17/20135656
Beastiality (3)Jeremy hollywood 8/2/20137866
Dawn Elemental/Pariah (1)Chaosweaver7/31/20137554
A group project? (2)jeremy hollywood7/20/201310769
Its getting stuffy in here (1)jeremy hollywood7/15/201318137
Vampire (1)Chris7/12/201310882
Golgari Death CREPE (0)Kulantronic7/11/20139897
MM CUBE (NON-SINGLETON) (2)Braydon Hawkins6/17/20139289
Old School Faeries (4)zap5/7/201320028
I'll be Back Pauper (1)Liquid4/19/201318971
Doran (Duel Commander) (13)Jesse4/7/201319346
Hunter's Hunted v2 (3)Liquid3/20/201311862
Pauper Weeeeee! (7)Liquid3/9/201311105
All your base are belong to us. (0)Psywarrior24502/19/20135793
To Infinite and Beyond!! (5)Malestryx2/13/20133547
Immortal serviuted (2)czcbearsrule2/10/20134557
Pauper Elf Populate (0)Liquid2/3/20134305
Pauper Orzhov (2)Liquid2/3/20134877
Artifact Glutony (5)Psywarrior24501/30/20136605
Level up (1)AbYsSaL1/12/20133489
Needle me this, Needle me that! ;) (4)zap1/9/20134691
Dark Shadows (1)HellCarver1/1/20134337
Vampires (6)Chris12/11/20124999
UG~ Progen (0)Prototyp10/23/20124127
Hells Ashes (3)Will Nichols9/9/20125308
Biorhythm (Updated) - Modern (8)Agonia8/19/20123859
Biorhythm - Modern (7)Agonia8/15/20126700
Undying Assault (1)MC7/22/20126079
Blue Deck (Please Help) (1)Jaake7/13/201211654
Omnath, Locus of MANA (1)Lead7/12/201210927
Black Vat (3)Lead7/9/20129139
My Version of Ninjas (3)Lead7/4/201211174
Tempered Quest (Semi-Budget) (3)Lead6/30/20128987
Coiling Damnation (G/U elves) (0)Braydon Hawkins6/21/201212780
Changelings - These blocks used to be legal OMG (3)Braydon Hawkins6/20/20129871
Wee Mimic Budget (Improved) (1)Lead6/18/201211564
Eldrazi Obliterati (2)AbYsSaL6/14/201216313
PDDW - pauper Dominus Deck Wins (0)imissmtg6/12/201225564
Vampire bloodbath (7)AbYsSaL6/7/201225812
Wee Mimic Budget (7)Lead6/6/201227558
Ninjutsu (2)AbYsSaL5/30/20125451
Beastie Boys v2 (1)AbYsSaL5/29/20124591
Humans and Angels (0)AbYsSaL5/26/20125921

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