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Listed below are all the decks for Classic/Vintage format. If you don't see one you like or think your deck should be on this list than use the Add Deck button to submit your own deck.


Deck NameFromDateColorsHits
This Is U/G Madness (0)raiyin7/11/201218689
This Is Madness (1)raiyin7/10/20126625
Bant Lands (2)dude7/9/20126100
U/G Madness (1)raiyin7/8/20125761
4C Land Control (W/ Twist) (20)dude7/4/20127622
Pauper HDW (Hybrid Deck Wins) (1)imissmtg6/11/201219124
Modern: Neverending Torment (3)mizzium1/1/201216510
Prisms (0)mizzium10/24/20114432
Pristine Hunting Grounds (2)Shadelocke9/6/20113854
Concerted Knights (1)AbYsSaL7/23/20118192
Triple Threat (1)Unglued7/21/20114904
Burn (4)Pete Valencia6/22/20115700
Obliterate (4)Vinícius4/10/20115202
Gobbies (8)Alice3/22/20116410
Oath of Druids [Testing/Drainless!] (28)Moogle3/3/201111649
Pauper: Mono Black Control (0)chillipauper1/29/20118196
100 cards singleton (1)phil10/6/20104944
Play it if you can (budget discard Deck) (9)Maex9/21/20107755
N'oid (3)Amico9/11/20106148
Toolbox Sneak Attack (0)Maxaramus8/26/20104726
Fast Library Destruction - Take II (4)Amico 8/24/20105315
Fast Library Distraction (3)Amico8/18/20104421
Direct damageness (8)corey cody7/10/20104195
Darksteel mana ramp (2)corey cody7/10/20107257
Red black annihilator (12)Psywarrior24507/4/20105688
The Rock again... (1)KNN2/15/20104330
My Turn (6)jake g2/7/20104999
Blaster Deck (All Common) (3)Behota2/2/20108291
Artifact Combos(needs help) (6)Darkagearcher1/18/20105020
Staxx 1.2 (3)Jesse12/16/20096430
From the Depths (5)K-Man11/16/20096401
Stompy (7)D Block8/14/200911524
Black Weenie (8)D Block8/6/20094962
Endless Turn (8)Júlio (Mafra-Portugal)6/26/20095618
My Dream, Your Reality! (5)Greatmateo6/17/20096416
White control (8)champion6/2/200911172
Erhnam-Geddon (5)mkm105/28/20098993
Reanamation (5)Bradkimmtg4/11/200910167
Fast Red – New Version (6)Júlio (Mafra-Portugal)4/1/20096506
The Justice League(5 Color) (11)Bradkimmtg3/28/20098083
Pro-At-Genitus (11)LifeSyphon3/26/20096174
Natural Order (2)noone3/22/20096020
Toast and Retreat (4)Bradkimmtg3/20/20096955
Hilty's 3rd place burn from Zurich (6)wight_widow3/16/20094625
Fast Red (16)Júlio (Mafra-Portugal)2/23/20094104
Discard (2)Júlio (Mafra-Portugal)2/23/20097591
Humility Under Fire (2)Júlio (Mafra-Portugal)2/23/20096187
Oath (9)jeremy2/13/20096258
Iconoclastic Black and Blue (10)Iconoclast1/11/20096497
Parfait (13)DaveyGorgeous1/6/20096320

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