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Listed below are all the decks for Extended format. If you don't see one you like or think your deck should be on this list than use the Add Deck button to submit your own deck.


Deck NameFromDateColorsHits
mpuvirci (0)11/27/201816
cnbqbhcd (0)11/27/201814
ykfdphqy (0)11/27/201819
whngvxfj (0)11/27/201814
mtvouecn (0)11/27/201814
Modern Psychatog (1)Liquid2/1/20134186
This is goodbye... (17)azxdcrs24958/13/20129909
Eldrazi ramp (3)lark7/29/201213712
Razer (1)DaGerbs5/25/20116348
Enchantress (2)ethankeene1/3/20116259
Sarkhan-Siege Jund (9)Twinkie1/2/20116729
Goblins Exstended v1.5 (10)Crimson Ninja12/15/20107104
Jund (2)Rhaps10/5/20105821
Landfall (16)Slayer154/25/20104770
The Wittling Plague (3)Ferazin4/6/20109801
Ugr Trinket control (1)Resist Temptation4/5/20104043
The Rock v1.0 (12)WiDra214/5/20108257
Beatdown, please suggestions. (2)3/24/20105173
Dark Bant with Thopter Foundry Combo Especial! (8)azxdcrs24953/12/20105725
Angel Ascension (4)Masaaki1/21/20104635
Cycling Hypergenesis (6)azxdcrs24951/20/20104717
Manifest Destiny (1)Josh S.1/19/20105453
Gargadon fun (0)J1/18/20104493
Balanced (4)Johnny Ascencio1/12/20105170
Cascade End (10)wOnDer12/23/20098445
RDW (2)HikariChaos12/20/20093769
Alive (3)Araddor12/17/20094583
Pauper Cruel Control (4)Dedé12/10/20098138
Next Level Burnwillows (1)Terry Decker12/4/20095149
Draw Go (1).....11/21/20096533
Thopter foundry combo v2 (3)drako74011/15/20099009
Extended greater good (0)frothi11/15/20098775
Merfolk PowerMill (1)Newbe10/27/20094722
Foggy Ascension (0)Liquid10/9/20094965
Slayer Ascension (0)Liquid10/6/20097602
Domain (5)The4Shizzz10/5/20094424
G/U Scapeshift Combo (0)zap9/3/20096510
UTD: Vedalken Extended (0)Liquid8/31/20094250
UW flyings (4)John8/24/20096547
Boros aggro(10th) (2)panda8/22/20094897
Mind Pact (11)zap8/17/20095291
Lightning ? (draft 6) (1)7/26/20094934
R/w (update) (1)panda7/23/200914079
Black Control (1)Earache_Eric7/15/20095449
Mono Red Land Destruction (1)Earache_Eric7/15/20095676
Burn and control (2)Terr@7/13/20094309
Zombies killer (0)Kog47/10/20094520
Sigil's Might (6)Player7/5/20094475
Wizard Madness (13)Psywarrior24507/2/20095369
Cheap 20 bucks infinite turns (1)phil7/1/20094445

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