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Type 1.5/Legacy
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Listed below are all the decks for Type 1.5/Legacy format. If you don't see one you like or think your deck should be on this list than use the Add Deck button to submit your own deck.

Type 1.5/Legacy

Deck NameFromDateColorsHits
Staxxx (2)Jesse1/16/201411839
UR DELVER (2)acchia858/26/20136816
Legacy EDH (7)Agonia12/24/20124717
Reckless pact (1)Agonia9/3/20129389
U/R Kiln-Delver (2)Hefty Henry8/30/20125272
Walls (Updated) (3)Agonia8/10/20125870
Walls (Test) (9)Agonia8/9/20124631
Hardcast (1)Agonia7/31/20125595
Goblins mass (5)Spacepenguin7/27/20126335
Survive The Madness (8)raiyin7/12/201210333
Vindicator (0)Graeme Gunn7/3/20129436
Greaves Control (1)Agonia6/10/201219073
StaxXXX (10)handless fighter5/30/20125572
Loam Pox 2.0 (0)wronskian5/27/201213067
Blartifact (2)steve mcnally5/18/20125060
Gelectrode/Wee Dragonauts 2.0 (3)Hefty Henry5/2/20129572
Roiling Terrain (10)Agonia5/1/20124945
Loam Pox (3)wronskian5/1/20125492
Spawning Emrakul (11)Agonia4/24/20124107
Gelectrode/Wee Dragonauts (6)Hefty Henry4/20/20127655
Mill for the Win (Legacy Version) (10)Agonia2/20/20124863
Barren Glory (22)dude1/21/201218646
Kobolds Storm (13)Agonia1/17/201218933
Reanimator 2.0 (3)dude1/13/20128323
Glimpse the Winds (5)dude1/7/201218518
UW Counter-top thopter (11)dude1/7/201216861
Enchant Storm (8)Agonia1/1/201215117
Blue white control (1)Don12/27/201114118
Unblockable Curse of Stalked Prey (4)clevername12/27/201112448
Blue Thrash Legacy (2)Jacob p12/20/201115432
Reanimator (2)dude11/19/20115931
Elf ftw (6)Jim Katsas9/22/20117475
Discard deck (10)Jim Katsas7/23/20116942
Soldier Army of The Holy (5)Jim Katsas7/22/20114649
Mono blue stax (1)Neoflash6/12/20115324
Spirit mana ramp/burn (1)noah mack5/11/20117140
Equipment Myrder (2)instanttomen4/4/20116256
Goblins (6)Crimson NInja3/24/20115127
ZUR!!! our mad friend!! (6)handless fighter3/10/20118744
Mono Blue Fae (20)Moogle3/2/20115698
DarkDepths (15)handless fighter2/27/201110240
Deep Blue Sea (28)handless fighter2/20/20115573
Four Swords (White Weenie) (12)Erick L2/14/20118206
Atog affinity (5)Psywarrior24502/8/20118572
Illusions Donate U/W (7)Twinkie1/26/20116932
Let them burn (37)Corwin12/21/20107389
Stax? (12)Moogle12/9/201010213
Enchantress (5)sticky12/5/20105526
1 turn (5)phil12/4/20106235
Red Green Aggro needs advice (6)Ritor11/16/20106235

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