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Listed below are all the decks for Standard format. If you don't see one you like or think your deck should be on this list than use the Add Deck button to submit your own deck.


Deck NameFromDateColorsHits
tjulduta (0)11/27/2018432
ndcutjfq (0)11/27/2018419
fstqlwji (0)11/27/2018414
pvmffsgn (0)11/27/2018425
quthlvee (0)11/27/2018412
aeraicgk (0)11/27/2018432
dpqkhtit (0)11/27/2018423
Mono Blue 2015 - Chief Engineer (0)ROJ9085/21/20154114
Heroes (0)Matthew Kraus7/22/20149092
Unbeaten (1)Jeppe2/14/201410972
Tooth and nail (0)Jeppe2/13/20146508
Shadowborn apostle wip (3)dman2/2/201415542
Tooth and nail (4)Jeppe Rasmussen2/1/201411928
Death Match (0)Pickles10/8/201311406
Chimera Control (1)Walmart Player9/24/20138634
Tezzeret Gifts (0)Braydon Hawkins8/19/201314115
Greed for death (1)zelda7/21/20136895
Animate-gorger (2)raiyin7/14/20137521
Dimir Combo Control (0)NIDNUS7/5/20137561
Extortion Control (3)Chronik6/23/20138214
Shady's back... Tell a friend :) (5)azxdcrs24955/11/201313057
Artifact (0)Agonia5/8/201320354
Mill for the Win V6 (1)Agonia4/12/201316927
Dimir Control (2)Liquid3/30/201316889
Mill for the Win (Modern Version) (4)Agonia3/30/201310056
Esper Midrange updated (4)Thalis3/28/201313350
Magic is Art (6)Liquid3/27/201312824
Esper Drain Life (3)Thalis3/26/201310570
BRW Tempo Life (10)Thalis3/24/201311553
Experiment One Aggro (8)roastintoast3/18/201322463
Life tap (1)quacko3/17/20138579
Orzhov redeemer (1)quacko3/13/20135345
Pauper Infect (9)Liquid3/8/201314897
R & g mddness (3)sonic32/15/20138197
Nevermore (3)Agonia2/2/20133955
Azorius midrange cheap (2)anoel1/23/20134114
Rakdos's Nothingness (2)Agonia12/20/20124168
White Weenie (3)Alexo12/8/20127599
Fling a Pike (0)Agonia12/7/201210146
Damage Control (1)Tiago11/25/20126080
Rock (4)Ian10/18/20124575
Jund v.1 (2)shandarr10/14/20124514
White weenie (0)Banchidudle10/2/20126058
Goblin Fun (1)Jakke9/11/20125208
Exalted (3)Gameface9/6/20126619
Burn at the Stake (1)Agonia8/31/20128871
Mill for the Win V5 (1)Agonia8/25/20125100
Polymorph - Modern (11)Agonia7/30/20128573
Greatest Burn Ever! (11)Malestryx7/25/20129148
Life's Essence (4)Electric Void7/22/20127847

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